London Part 1

As promised, here come the London posts.
The trip involved a lot of eating, walking, sightseeing and being cold.
I was always under the impression London was warmer than Edinburgh.
Clearly not the weekend we were there.

We had a really early start on Friday, like 4:30am early, to catch our flight to Luton.
Once we arrived we left our luggage at the Clink78, which was the hostel we were staying at and went out to search for food.

The Breakfast Club, London // L.AlexandraA friend had recommended The Breakfast Club to us, so we headed over to the one in Soho.
As you can see we were not the only ones who decided brunch was a good idea.
The 30 minute wait was worth it though.
Here’s why:The Breakfast Club, London // L.Alexandra The Breakfast Club, London // L.AlexandraCoffee to help us wake up.
I love how UK restaurants and cafés always have a soya milk option
Switzerland catch onto this trend faster!The Breakfast Club, London // L.AlexandraThe restaurant is pretty funky with fairly lights, letters and random bits and bobs on the walls.
We sat at a big table we shared with a few other guests.The Breakfast Club, London // L.AlexandraI had the huevos rancheros and man was it a big portion!
I almost finished all of it, according to our waiter I’d done a very good job.
The Breakfast Club, London // L.AlexandraJill went for the pancakes with berries.The Breakfast Club, London // L.AlexandraFueled we were ready to explore London.London // L.Alexandra I have to say, Soho was definitely my favourite of the neighbourhoods we saw in London.
I guess mainly due to all the totally hip and cool restaurants there were.
So Soho was the spot for most of our main meals.
Just as a heads up, a lot of food was consumed on this trip and I intend on sharing it all with you.Hummingbird Bakery, London // L.AlexandraWe walked by the Hummingbird Bakery multiple times but we’d always just eaten.
We went and had a look but never actually ended up getting anything from there which was a shame.
But CHECK OUT that rainbow cake.
Makes me wish I could bake.Hummingbird Bakery, London // L.AlexandraWe spent Friday wandering the streets, going into various shops and trying to get our bearings.
Lucky for me Jill has a great sense of orientation so she knew her way around pretty quickly.
Me on the other hand…just followed her around.
Also, how did we live before the days of google maps? It saved us quite a few times.London // L.AlexandraJill spent six months in New York during her gap year so she was quite excited to see a lot of American stores in London.
One being Whole Foods.
We went in.
I understand why.
I just want to live in Whole Foods.
Crazy I know, but the options for everything were endless!Wholefoods, London // L.AlexandraI mean check out how many different soya yoghurts there are.
As someone with a milk allergy, this is heaven.Wholefoods, London // L.Alexandra Wholefoods, London // L.AlexandraAlso hello fruits and vegetables.
And very pretty displays.
We also intended to go there and grab snacks for lunch.
That never happened so I think next time I go to London I need to train my stomach to hold a lot more food than normal.London // L.AlexandraSuch pretty architecture all over the city.London // L.AlexandraSadly it drizzled almost all of Friday making taking photos a bit of a challenge.
Maybe not a challenge but my paranoia of breaking my camera coupled with my laziness to be constantly taking it out of my bag and putting it back in, meant we didn’t have all too many photos outside.London // L.AlexandraIn an attempt to warm up and relieve our tired feet, we scoped out a place for coffee.
The food at Flat Planet looked delicious but we were still full from brunch so we just had a drink and relaxed.

Flatplanet, London // L.AlexandraFlatplanet, London // L.AlexandraReally want to come back here someday to try their flat bread.Flatplanet, London // L.AlexandraAfter more exploring and walking we decided it was time for dinner.
During our wandering in Soho, I saw Obikà Mozzarella Bar and knew we had to go there.
I first visited them in Florence and blogged about it HERE.

We had actually seen a different one earlier on than the one we ended up going to but I’m sure they’re both equally as good.
After a long day, some cocktails were in order.
For the life of me I can’t remember their names, sorry.
Mine did have limoncello in it though.Obikà Mozzarella Bar, London // L.AlexandraWe each went for a sharing platter just as a main.
Jill had the vegetarian and I had the meat one.
The platters, indended for two, are huge so don’t bother ordering a side of extra bread like we did.Obikà Mozzarella Bar, London // L.Alexandra Obikà Mozzarella Bar, London // L.Alexandra

It was SO GOOD.
Honestly, if you like Italian food you’ll love this place.

The restaurant itself is very nice too with low lighting, dark furniture and very friendly staff.
But I was more focused on the food.Obikà Mozzarella Bar, London // L.AlexandraAfter an early start and a long day discovering London we were both pretty exhausted so we headed back to the hostel, had a drink at the bar there and then went off to bed.

For anyone who’s stayed in a hostel you’ll know what it’s like.
Clink78 is great value for your money plus the location by Kings Cross Station is ideal.
However, it’s not the most relaxing of places with people coming in and out of the rooms all night.
I think next time I’d be more keen on finding a cheap hotel or going for a two person room in a hostel to ensure a good nights sleep.
(I know I totally sound like an old lady here but trust me, you’ll want a good nights sleep during a city trip)


2 thoughts on “London Part 1

  1. I miss London!!!!! That rainbow cake is awesome and you can totally make it with cake mix (like..from a box) but with a lot of food dye!! Wish you could come over and I’d show you! I took a cake decorating class and it was so fun.
    Lovely pictures darling XO

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