Currently eating: red lentils

I often have this thing where I really want to try a certain food but have no idea how to incorporate it into my cooking.
Or then I forget about the food totally until on one of my pinterest quest I find a recipe with it.

This was sorta the deal with red lentils.
I remembered a few years ago I went through a phase where I had red lentils all the time.
And then I kinda forgot about them again…

Until I found these two recipes and now I can’t get enough!
I’ve made the red lentil coconut soup about four times in the last two months, it’s so good!
So good actually that I forgot to take pictures.

Thus, these pictures are not mine but by clicking on the image or the recipe name you’ll be redirected to the original creators.

First up is the red lentil coconut soup.Red lentil coconut soup // L.AlexandraThis was the first of the lentil recipes I made and I loved it.
It’s super easy to make, it’s quick and it tastes so good.
I like to have naan bread with mine along with lots of fresh lime juice and coriander.
Red lentil coconut soup // L.AlexandraI usually make loads (i.e. the full recipe) and then freeze single portions in freezer bags that I take out when I’m too lazy or strapped for time to cook.
It also beats having to eat the same thing five nights in a row…

Just don’t forget to add the lime and coriander!
It makes all the difference.

The next recipe was made with yellow lentils, hence the name: cauliflower yellow lentil curry.
But seeing as I’d bought 2kg of red lentils, I figured I could just swap it.
Cauliflower yellow lentil curry // L.AlexandraThis is similar to the first dish except it doesn’t use coconut milk but vegetable broth.
The addition of the cauliflower fits perfectly.
As you only put them in at the end they remain a bit crunchy which adds a lovely texture to the meal.
Like Lindsay, I served it with rice and you MUST try it with apricot jam like she suggests!
The slight sweetness from the jam compliments the curry flavour perfectly.
Cauliflower yellow lentil curry // L.AlexandraI had it cold for lunch the next day and it still tasted fantastic.

Do you have any recipes using red lentils?
Please pass them on as I still have about 1/2kg of lentils!


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