Urbanangel and sunshine

The sun finally shone today!
And the wind was at an all time low.
It feels like spring may actually be on its way.

Excited about this weather Silje and I decided to have lunch outside before a group meeting.
(Everyone knows group meetings work better on a full stomach).Urbanangel, Edinburgh // L.Alexandra

We had agreed to meet at Urbanangel before knowing the weather so we were delighted to find out they had two small tables outside.
One which we happily occupied.

The awesome thing about Urbanangel is its organic, fair trade, local and seasonal.
Bam! Ticking all the boxes for good karma.

As we studied their menu we soaked in as much of the sun as we could.
Urbanangel, Edinburgh // L.AlexandraThere were so many yummy things on the menu we could hardly decide what to get.
Urbanangel, Edinburgh // L.AlexandraUrbanangel, Edinburgh // L.AlexandraSilje went for a fruit salad while I opted for their raw superfoods salad.
And to balance out all the healthiness we shared a side of handcut chips with garlic, thyme salt and aioli.
Urbanangel, Edinburgh // L.AlexandraDon’t underestimate the salad.
It was huge! I could barely finish it all and I was starving when I arrived after a morning work out.Urbanangel, Edinburgh // L.AlexandraI was so full actually that I had no room to try their desserts.
We moved inside to work on our assignment and I spent an hour eyeing the chocolate brownie. But no luck, my stomach was having none of it.Urbanangel, Edinburgh // L.AlexandraI did however have a cappuccino and it was the best coffee I’d had in awhile.
They place a lot of value on their coffee and making it right.
But hey, that just means I’ll have to go back and try them.
Also on my list for next time: try their juices.
Don’t they all sound delicious?

Dear sun,
Please stay.
You are beautiful and always make me happy.
I never want us to part again.
Sun lovers all over Edinburgh.


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