Chocolate, coconut, banana and almond milk smoothie

This has become my new favourite smoothie.
So easy and quick to make.
And I’d like to think fairly healthy.

Chocolate, banana, almond milk and coconut smoothie// L.Alexandra
You’ll need:
♦ Banana
♦ Coconut milk yoghurt
♦ Chocolate powder
♦ Almond milk

Depending on the consistency that you like add more or less coconut milk yoghurt or almond milk as desired.
Throw it all in a blender, mix and voila, your smoothie is done.

I like to top it with some desiccated coconut for that extra lying on the beach feeling…
You know the one you get at the mere thought of coconut?
Yup that one!
Chocolate, banana, almond milk and coconut smoothie// L.AlexandraSometimes I’ll refrigerate it for an hour or so before drinking it so it’s nice cold.
Other times (when I’m impatient) I’ll drink it right away.

Speaking of lying on the beach…
How good would it be to make your own ice cream out of this?
With something like this.

What are your favourite smoothie recipes?


3 thoughts on “Chocolate, coconut, banana and almond milk smoothie

  1. COCONUT MILK YOGURT!?!? WHATTTTT! *MIND BLOWN* I need to look for that..that sounds AWESOME! And yummy smoothie!! I basically make the same but without the coconut milk yogurt, which clearly, would make it more delicious. Oh, and I add either ground flaxseed or chia seeds to add some fiber! Oh and a teaspoon of peanut butter or almond butter to add a bit more consistency

    • I know!! It is so great! I always have it with fruits in the morning. So so good.
      Yeah that’s definitely on my list of things to add but I’m waiting to get home before I buy that stuff :)
      The coconut milk yoghurt helps add consistency too. Btw they also have coconut milk ice cream and coffee with coconut water… I am definitely on a coconut trip at the moment. hehe.

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