All things coconuts

Recently I’ve been on a bit of a coconut trip.
I wasn’t always the biggest fan but recently I’ve been trying different things, such as coconut water, milk and yoghurt and actually really like it.
It’s great as I’m allergic to milk and it’s a nice change from soya and almond milk.

I know the options for coconut related things are endless and I am excited to try out more.
Till then, this is what I’ve tried so far.Coconut water, mango and raw chocolate // L.AlexandraCoconut water with mango and raw chocolate makes for the perfect afternoon snack.

I love the flavoured coconut waters. I usually get the peach and mango or pineapple one.
Vita Coco on Arthur's Seat // L.AlexandraI love taking coconut water with me to yoga or for walks as it’s more exciting than water and obviously a lot more healthy than carbonated drinks.
It’s a nice change from always drinking water.
Coconut, almond milk, banana, chocolate smoothie // L.AlexandraI posted THIS smoothie recipe awhile ago and still love it.
I bought chocolate flavoured coconut milk the other day and used that with banana and it’s really good too but less thick as I didn’t add coconut milk yoghurt.
Fruit salad & coconut milk yoghurt // L.AlexandraTasting the rainbow!
I try to have fruits in the morning in the form or a fruit salad or smoothie and add two or three spoonfuls of coconut milk yoghurt to it.
You don’t need more in the salad as the yoghurt is pretty thick.
Coconut haul // L.AlexandraJust a few coconut related things I picked up at the health food store the other day.
I think that’s something I’ll really miss when I move back home in TEN DAYS!
Vita Coco // L.AlexandraI got a mini photography lesson from a friend a few weeks ago and took the coconut water with me on our walk.
Thanks again J!
Coconut milk and berry ice cream (dairy free) // L.AlexandraI’ve spent the last couple of nights sleeping at my friend’s house because sleeping alone can suck.
She’s home alone at the moment and after an incident of catching someone looking through our letterbox at 5am, I wake up at every little noise.
So we figured we’d join forces and keep each other safe.
It’s also nice seeing as we’re both leaving soon and won’t see each other very often after.
And also cooking together and watching movies together is a lot more fun than doing it alone.

One night we decided to make The Londoner’s Skinny Breakfast Ice Cream, although we had it for dessert.
Super simple. All you do is blend frozen bananas, frozen berries and coconut milk.
Pop it in the freezer for a few hours and bam you got yourself dairy free, gluten free and super healthy ice cream.
I’m definitely making loads of this in the summer and keeping it in the freezer.
I might try and add some maple or agave syrup to sweeten it a bit.
Also it’s best when it’s a bit softer, more like frozen ice cream texture.
And add pomegranate seeds.
Banana, raspberry and coconut milk smoothie // L.AlexandraThe other day the sun FINALLY came out.
So after the gym I decided to make a smoothie that matched the summer vibes from the weather.
Frozen raspberries, banana and coconut milk.

What are your favourite coconut recipes?


2 thoughts on “All things coconuts

  1. Loving me some coconut!!!! I actually chugged two cups of coconut water yesterday after the gym..apparently it’s really good to replace electrolytes!

    I also get this coconut ‘ice cream’ that has about 5 ingredients, (sweetened with Agave) that is SO delicious. The brand is ‘Coco-Bliss’ if you ever come across it, GET IT! It’s just as good (or even better) than ice cream because there’s zero guilt!

    • Yeah I read that too. I love coconut water. Might actually have some now :)

      Ouu sounds delicious! I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for it, especially when I’m in Canada.

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