Burgers at The Bite

I’ve been meaning to try The Bite since I read about it ages ago but somehow never managed to over the winter break.
So I was super happy when Jill suggested we go there for dinner on Friday night.The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraThe interior is casual with mixed and matched furniture.
It was quite tight and loud but the way the tables are placed still makes you feel like you have enough privacy for all your girl talks.

We reserved which was a good idea as I saw a few people being turned away as they were fully booked.
So make sure to reserve!
The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraThey have seven burgers to choose from, which isn’t easy as they all sound delicious!
They’re all handmade and use Swiss beef.
The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraThere is the option of a halloumi or mushroom (I think) burger for the vegetarians.
Although I’ve not been eating a lot of meat lately, besides chicken and fish, I went for the beef burger and wasn’t disappointed.
We started off with prosecco with a raspberry liqueur while we studied the menu.The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraWe also couldn’t resist getting some nachos and guacamole while we waited for our food.The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraTheir sauces (BBQ, thousand island dressing and tomato sauce) are all homemade and served in cute little jars.The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraThe veggie burger with halloumi.The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraThe Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraThe Bite, Zürich // L.Alexandra(And no worries, our fries were on their way)The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraThe bun was fantastic.
So fresh you pretty much had to eat the burger with a knife and fork.The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraThe meat was super tender and cooked to perfection.

But don’t underestimate it.
Along with the huge helping of fries you get this meal leaves you feeling very full.
But in a good way.
That satisfied, I-just-ate-the-most-delicious-burger feeling.
The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraI love their flyer for their Sunday brunch.
Which I will definitely be trying.
Once the weather is better and we can sit on their terrace though because brunch outside always tastes better.The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraWe figured cocktails after dinner would aid our digestion…The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraIt did enough that we got convinced to order dessert.
They both sounded too good to resist so we figured we’d order one of each and share.

And I honestly don’t remember when the last time was that I had such a good cheesecake.The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraThe homemade ice cream sandwich was fantastic as well.
I wonder if they’d give me their recipe?
Especially of the cookie on the outside.The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraLuckily my friends are pretty patient and allow me to take pictures of all the food.
But when something looks this good you just got to dig right in!The Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraThe Bite, Zürich // L.AlexandraI also don’t remember the last time I was so full and satisfied.
The feeling lasted for so long I had to lie on my back to sleep.
But by the morning I was ready for another burger.


3 thoughts on “Burgers at The Bite

  1. I most definitely need to check that place out the next time I’m in Zurich. Looks mouth-watering:)

    Really loving your Restaurant tips/recommandations, I need to come to Zurich more often again, way more variety of cutesy/artsy little places, as they are non-existent in Interlaken and just up and coming in Bern.

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