Toronto Part 1

After over 12 hours of travelling I finally made it to Toronto!
The sun was shining and we could sit outside, catching up over a glass of wine.

Although I’m half Canadian I’ve spent little time here so it’s been really fun exploring the city and spending time with my aunt and cousins who live here.
Here are some snaps of my first fews days in Toronto.

Toronto // L.AlexandraI’d like to think I’m slowly getting the hang of the streetcars…but I’m probably not…Toronto // L.AlexandraThere are some of the best secondhand shops I’ve ever seen in Toronto.
C’mon just check out those coats!
Toronto // L.Alexandra After hearing everyone talk about how awful the winter was I am SO glad I came in summer.
The weather has been nothing short of amazing.
Except for the one time we got caught in the biggest rainstorm. But more on that another time, I don’t want to get ahead of myself.
Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraWe spent the first part of the day walking around Chinatown.Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraI had to have one of the fresh sugar cane juices on the side of the street.
Very sweet but also very refreshing.Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraFor lunch we had Pho at, according to my cousins, one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in town.
Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraIt was simple, uncomplicated, delicious and cheap.
Check it out next time you’re in the area:Toronto // L.AlexandraAfter lunch we headed to Kensington.
I love how there are so many different neighbourhoods here, all right next to each other.
Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraCrushin’ on this bad boy for sure:

Toronto // L.AlexandraI don’t remember the name of this shop but it had a mix of new and secondhand goods.
Plus they had a promotion going, two items for $35.
I found two great shirts and as I was paying I realised one of them is a Diane von Fürstenberg shirt!
Score!Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraAfter Kensington we headed to Yorkville which is one of the fancier neighbourhoods of Toronto.Toronto // L.Alexandra

For drinks and dinner my aunt and I visited both the places my cousins work at.
But I’ll keep that for another post…


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