El Catrin Destileria, Toronto

One thing I love so much about having gone to international schools is that no matter where in the world you go, odds are you’ll know someone there.
I knew quite a few people from school who are now studying in Toronto but sadly I didn’t have time to meet up with them all.

I did meet up with a friend from Dubai for dinner and she took me to the coolest restaurant in the Distillery District.

It’s funny how you can have very little contact for years but then you can sit through a two/three hour dinner and have so much to talk about it.
I love when it feels like no time has passed.

I was a bit early so I wandered around the Distillery District for a bit.El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra

The Distillery District, like the name says, used to be where they produced alcohol.
Now it’s filled with independent restaurants, cafes and shops and is a car free zone.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.AlexandraThe streets are cobble stones and the brick buildings are ideal to slender around and check out all the various places.

Deema decided to show me El Catrin Destileria, a Mexican restaurant, as she knew I’m into my food and testing cool places.El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra

The outside area of El Catrin looked really inviting but we opted for the inside as we knew it would be a long dinner and it got quite chilly in the evening.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.AlexandraThe room is huge and the massive lights give it this grandeur.
It was dimly lit to perfection, just enough to enjoy all the interior.

Behind the bar there was an enormous wooden shelf filled with bottles.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra
How amazing would this light look in a huge dining room as a statement piece?El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra
The middle tables were raised while ours were normal giving a great contrast.
I was early which gave me some time to figure out the settings on my camera for the lighting.El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra
When Deema arrived we got some nachos with three different salsas while we attempted to study the menu.
We kept forgetting to decided what we wanted as there was just so much to catch up on!El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra
Everyone knows conversations flow better with margaritas…El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra
We also ordered their guacamole.
It was made right at our table.
And it tasted amazing.
I could’ve easily just had that for dinner.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra
Next we shared the Atún ceviche.
Ahi tuna, watermelon, Yucateco mignonette, lime and chive.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had ceviche but after this, I’m ordering it whenever I get the chance (and hoping it’s as good as this one!)
Perfect to scoop up with their nachos.
Which were fantastic too incase you were wondering.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra
I totally forgot the name of what Deema had.
But I’m sure if you show the waiters this picture they’ll be able to tell you what it was.
I do remember that it was super delicious.
El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra
I had pollo con mole.
Pulled chicken, crema fresca, cotija cheese, xni-pec, toasted sesame seeds and corn tortilla.
Fantastically tender chicken that was really nicely matched with the refreshing crema fresca.El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.AlexandraCheck out the amazing art behind us.
It went across the whole wall of the restaurant and injected all the colour the restaurant needed.El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.AlexandraMajor tile envy right there:El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.Alexandra
Thanks for the lovely dinner Deema and I hope to see you again soon, somewhere in the world!El Catrin Destileria, Toronto // L.AlexandraFun fact: the restaurant was voted as the best restaurant for a first date.
So hey, there’s that problem solved (if that was currently on your mind).


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