Toronto Part 4

What I love about blogging is that after the holidays are over, while writing the post, I can relive them again.
(Especially considering that I am sitting in my garden in shorts and a t-shirt with the sun warming my back. Pure bliss.)

While I was in Toronto I met up with another friend from Dubai who I’d done a Eurotrip with in the summer of 2008.
Since then we’ve only seen each other once but it felt like no time had passed when we did see each other.

She came to The Beaches and we wandered around until we found a café to have brunch.

We decided on The Beacher Cafe.
Toronto // L.Alexandra

Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.Alexandra

Cathy went for the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs breakfast.
Toronto // L.AlexandraAnd I had smoked salmon with a bagel and a mango juice/slushy.
(I had so many bagels on my trip that I’m all bageled out now).Toronto // L.AlexandraThe food was really good and we were set to spend some time exploring The Beaches.

We headed down to the beach where we were strolling along happily…
Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraUntil from one second to the next, the sky opened and it came pouring down!
I thought we were a lot closer from home than we were and we tried to make it back as quickly as possible.

We arrived soaking wet.
But I can’t post that picture cause I’m wearing a white dress and we all know what happens when white gets wet…
And I don’t think wordpress allows those kinds of pictures ;)

We dried ourselves and spent some time playing with the puppies.

I have not forgotten about my plan to write a blog post just featuring the two pups!Toronto // L.Alexandra

Once we were dry we made our way downtown.
It kept raining but it stopped just before we had to get off.
Relieved about it we got out, walked along and two seconds later a car drove through the BIGGEST puddle and I ended up like this:Toronto // L.AlexandraThanks driver -.-Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraWe checked out Black Market in downtown which has a huge selection of new, secondhand and vintage clothing and accessories.

We also spent some time wandering around the University of Toronto campus which was beautiful!

Toronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.Alexandra

Then we took the train to Burlington and we spent the night there.
In the morning we rode around the tree lined streets and I admired all the spectacular houses in the area.

Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraThank you to Cathy and her family for having me.
It was so good to see you all again.


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