Toronto Part 5

I love city trips but sometimes cramming everything into a few days is hard.
But at the same time you want to see as much as possible.
So to do that I like to do the bus tours.
You get to see lots of things without having to walk too much, plus you get a better idea of which places you’d like to spend more time in.

My hop on hop off bus ticket was valid for three days which was great as I didn’t have to rush everything.
Toronto // L.Alexandra

I started my tour at the Distillery District with a liquid lunch smoothie (avocado, lemon, apple and carrot juice).
Toronto // L.AlexandraI loved the architecture of this museum.
Toronto // L.AlexandraFor lunch I went to the St. Lawrence Market.
There are 120 vendors, merchants and artisans and fresh food as far as the eye can see.Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.Alexandra Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.Alexandra
For lunch I stopped by Buster’s Sea Cove.
Judging by the amount of people waiting, I assumed it was good.
They worked at lightning speed, I got dizzy just watching them.Toronto // L.AlexandraYou choose your meal, pay and get a number.
As soon as your number is called, you rush up and get your food.Toronto // L.AlexandraAnd as the weather was nice, I sat outside on the patio and had this delicious salmon with salad.Toronto // L.AlexandraBeing the tourist I am, I also had to visit the CN Tower.
I was lucky as there weren’t that many people going up and at the top it wasn’t very crowded either.
Toronto // L.AlexandraIt’s 553.33 m and for 34 years it held the record as the world’s tallest free-standing structure and the world’s tallest tower.
You get whisked up in ultra fast elevators and you’re greeted with stunning views of the city.
Toronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraToronto // L.AlexandraThere’s a glass floor that allows you to look down and realise how high up you really are!
Toronto // L.AlexandraAnd a little selfie at over 500 m.Toronto // L.AlexandraAlso included in my bus ticket was a boat tour around the Toronto Islands.Toronto // L.AlexandraWhich made for the perfect skyline shots.

Toronto // L.AlexandraIMG_2306The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.
They use turboprop airplanes to minimise the noise for people living nearby.
IMG_2305Toronto, you are a beautiful city and I can’t wait to come back soon (hopefully) to explore more of you!


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