Moo Milk Bar

Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraOne afternoon my cousin Ryla and I went on a date to the Moo Milk Bar in The Beaches.

As the name suggests, they serve cookies and different flavoured milk.
Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.Alexandra
They even have flavoured almond milk.

I mean what an awesome idea?
Being surrounded by the smell of freshly baked cookies all day?
Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.Alexandra
And some cakes in case you didn’t fancy one of their cookies.Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.Alexandra
I had the banana, chocolate flavoured almond milk and a red velvet cookie.Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.Alexandra
Ryla also got a red velvet and a cookies and cream for us to share.
Both were fantastic and as I write this post, I’m dreaming of having more.
Especially the flavoured almond milk.
Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraWe took the dogs with us on our stroll, although Indie has hidden in all the photos.
Moo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraMoo Milk Bar, Toronto // L.AlexandraCan’t wait to see you soon Ryla!

P.S. Try their ice cream sandwiches.
You choose your cookie and your ice cream…
I wish we’d been hungry enough to try that, they look delicous.


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