Clean, healthy eating with Stefanie

I keep mentioning it again and again but it’s so true, so I’m going to mention it again.
Living abroad is fantastic, mainly because of all the great people you get to meet.

I’ve been following my friend from Dubai, Stefanie’s, eating journey for awhile now and am so impressed all the time.
I managed to snag an interview with her so I could share her journey with you too.
We chatted about mindful eating, nourishing whole foods and her awesome new job at Fit ‘n’ Tasty, a Swiss start up nutrition and detox company.

Clean eating with Stefanie, Interview // L.Alexandra

What was the catalyst that turned you into a healthy foodie?
A couple years back, I suffered from a bad eating disorder. I had an extremely unhealthy relationship to my body and food and was generally living a very unbalanced lifestyle. One day, something clicked and I knew that something had to change. So I embarked on this quest of healing myself and completely turned my life around. Once I had the emotional side of my problems under control, I realised that I still wasn’t feeling my best with the diet I had at that point. After being made aware of a gluten intolerance, I started cutting out any wheat products. I immediately felt better! So I thought, maybe I will feel even better without dairy, meat etc? And here I am today, eating a dominantly vegan, plant based, gluten free diet full of wholesome fresh fruits and veggies.

Why do you eat the way you eat?
Because I care about my wellbeing and know that vibrant health begins with nourishing my body with the right foods. Because eating this way makes me feel amazing and makes me want to be the best version of myself. Personally, I believe that most people aren’t even aware of how amazing their bodies are designed to feel, and I can only encourage everyone to try it out for themselves. It has changed me physically, mentally and spiritually. Today, eating is a source of pleasure, celebration and mindfulness in my otherwise hectic life.
Clean eating with Stefanie, Interview // L.Alexandra

Describe your day on the plate.
I always start my day with a cup of hot lemon water with cayenne pepper and a glass of apple cider vinegar with some agave nectar to kick start my digestion. During weekdays, breakfast tends to be a green smoothie with spinach, frozen banana, apple and some superfoods such as maca powder, goji berries or probiotics. During the weekend, I like to experiment and especially enjoy gluten free pancakes,  a sweet omelette or a warm oatmeal. Lunch is usually a big salad of seasonal veggies and herbs mixed with plant based protein such as lentils, chickpeas or quinoa. I also love to add homemade dips like hummus or a sweet potato cream to spice things up. Evenings can be a salad again or a delicious veggie soup. If my body craves it, I will have some steamed salmon or even marinated chicken on top of my salad. And did I mention that I’m a chocolate addict? Yes, chocolate in its raw form is actually good for us. I am obsessed with raw cheesecakes and anything that contains raw cacao, almond butter and coconut. 
Clean eating with Stefanie, Interview // L.Alexandra

Tell us about your current job.
At this point of my journey, I come to realise that I want to combine my passion for nutrition and wellbeing with my career. I am especially passionate about detoxing and am a regular cleanser myself. I stumbled over Fit ‘n’ Tasty by chance, and after a chat with the founder, Wendy Vanhonacker, I was in for a 5 months internship.

Fit ‘n’ Tasty is a nutrition company based in Lausanne that provides healthy meals for people trying to loose weight, nourish their body or who simply don’t have the time to cook for themselves. They also have a detox program, consisting of fruit and vegetable juices designed to detoxify your system over a period of 1, 3 or 5 days.

I am mainly in charge of marketing, but I get to take a peak at all the other aspects of the business as well. Just last week we got such an unexpected amount of orders in that I had to come help out in the kitchen! It’s great fun, and I am humbled to work for a company that does good and helps people be healthier and happier with themselves.

On that note, Fit ‘n’ Tasty is launching their first competition!
Follow them on both Facebook (  and Instagram ( for your chance to win a 1-day detox. The competition is open from the 1st July – 14th July, so get moving and follow them.

You can also follow Stefanie’s personal journey with fitness and food inspiration on

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me Stefanie and keep it up!


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