New York Part 2

On the third day David and I decided to go see the 9/11 memorial.
It was a strange and moving experience being there.
New York // L.Alexandra

New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraLater that night a summer storm rolled over New York and covered the city in a haze.New York // L.AlexandraOnce the storm passed we headed to Enthaice in Astoria (they don’t have a website) for Thai food.
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraOn the fourth day we went to the Meatpacking District and took a quick stroll around the Chelsea Market where we grabbed lunch at one of the food stalls. (And then my camera ran out of battery)
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra

My friend arrived later that day and we stayed in the gorgeous Hudson Hotel.
It is a really chic hotel, centrally located and with the most charming terrace.
I can highly recommend staying there.
They also have a lounge/bar which is really popular and packed in the evenings, along with another more casual bar area, which is also packed.
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraJust had to pose with one of the many chauffeur driven escalades that are always parked on the side of the road.New York // L.Alexandra
For dinner we went to The Breslin.
They had a small but delicious menu.
Which I always prefer to be honest, makes choosing a lot easier.
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraThe restaurant was dimly lit, filled with chattering people and cows and pigs and other funky decorations.
To drink I had Princess & the Pea and A had, I’m not sure, it might have been a Fancy Pimm’s Cup.New York // L.AlexandraFor dinner I had the most delectable burrata with peas, favas, smoked trout roe and mint, and a side of la ratte potatoes with wilted dandelion greens and anchovy. New York // L.AlexandraWhile A went for the lamb burger with some seriously tasty fries.New York // L.AlexandraWe followed dinner with some tourist action in Times Square at 1 am.
I was so surprised to see how busy it still was so late at night.
New York really is the city that doesn’t sleep!
New York // L.AlexandraAnd if you thought that was touristy, just wait for the next post!


2 thoughts on “New York Part 2

  1. New York seems just absolutely breathtaking and yet really down to earth. And the food, don’t even let me begin, since I am so hungry;)

    9/11 must’ve been really impressing, with all it’s grief and history, can’t even imagine it.

    It looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip, really looking forward to my trip, whenever that might be :) x

    • It’s so crazy but yet so cool. Absolutely loved it!
      And oh yes, the food was amazing. Craving it right now too ;)

      I did, so happy I finally go to go. And the longer you wait, the more the suspense builds. Hehe x

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