New York Part 3

This post is slightly disorganised I realise but I can’t quite remember when we did what.
The trip was so great it all kind of blurred together/ I should probably start carrying a notebook around with me…

Anyways, on one of the nights we went to see Pippin on Broadway.
And I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much. It was a fantastic show with great singing and acting.
I can highly recommend it if you’re in New York.

New York // L.Alexandra

Before the show we went to dinner at the Cafeteria.
A decided to go for something typical American: fried chicken with waffles.
And let me tell you, it was pretty horrible.
The waffles were really sweet and combined with the fried chicken and the two sauces…not our thing.
I had buttermilk mashed potatoes and turkey.
Which was better but still not great.
The cocktails and the interior on the other hand, were both great.
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra
I feel this picture sums up my two week trip pretty well…
Always eating. Oh yes!
New York // L.Alexandra
We got a three-day bus pass to explore the city and we were blessed with gorgeous weather.
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra

I’m one of those people who has to eat in regular intervals.
And one day I didn’t really have breakfast so by 2 o’clock I was starving, the my-hands-are-shaking kind of starving.
We were in Chinatown and went into one of the first restaurants we saw, Excellent Dumpling House.
And boy was it a good choice, the dumplings and the accompanying sauce were excellent and so was my chicken and the fried rice.
It’s super simple inside, you get constant green tea refills and by far one of the cheapest meals we had.
Go next time you’re in Chinatown!

(My starvation meant that I had to start eating as soon as the food arrived and the only picture we got was this one…)
New York // L.Alexandra
We went up the Empire State Building and I was mentally preparing myself to stand in line for hours but when we got there there were barely any people.
We never had to wait more than 5 min and could get all the pictures we wanted without people standing in front of us.
The trick is clearly to go early in the morning before the crowds storm it.
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra
New York really is a concrete jungle.
And what surprised us was that so often there were no lights on in the apartments at night, as if everybody was always out…New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra

A couple got engaged at the top (I wonder how many proposals have gone down there…) and they asked me to snap a few photos of them.
Which as you can see, I was happy to do.
New York // L.Alexandra
Before exploring the High Line we stopped by Bubby’s for a drink.
I was actually a bit bummed that we weren’t hungry enough for food because it sounded really yummy.
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraRefreshed and hydrated we walked along the High Line.
New York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.AlexandraNew York // L.Alexandra If I lived in New York I’d be spending a lot of time at the High Line.
Walking along there are so many different places to sit and relax, there’s one spot you can stop for coffee and ice cream and the neighbourhood, the Meatpacking District, around it is great too.
I even spotted my dream flat there…
New York // L.Alexandra

After all the walking and exploring we got pretty hungry and headed to Les Halles for dinner, a French Brasserie.
New York // L.Alexandra
We went for steak tartare and steak with fries.
I used to love steak tartare but since I stopped eating meat (besides fish and chicken) it just wasn’t as great as I’d remember it being.
But it was a lovely evening and we stayed and chatted for ages, drinking good wine and cocktails and people watched everyone (most seemed underage) go into the club on the other side of the road.
It was so great travelling with a chef because he appreciated good food as much as me (if not more!).New York // L.AlexandraNew York you were amazing!
Can’t wait to come back and explore more.

New York // L.Alexandra

**Not all of these photos are mine, some my friend took.


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    • Thank you so much!

      Just looked at your blog and love it, will look through it more thoroughly when I’m on holiday :)
      But I followed you on bloglovin in the meantime. xxx

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