Raw lime and blueberry ‘cheesecake’

Before you get all excited, this is NOT a cheesecake the way you’re imagining it.
It’s actually raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free.
Sounds kinda crazy and weird?
I thought so too at the beginning but it is surprisingly insanely good!
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.Alexandra

I was in Lausanne this past weekend staying with Steffi’s (who you might remember from THIS post) and we spent a lot of our time cooking and trying out new recipes.
And then styling our photos.
It’s always fun finding like-minded people.
Ones that don’t mind spending 15 min photographing food before digging into it.

(We used a vitamix for this but it was a lot of work trying to scrape everything out after every layer. If you have it, I suggest using a food processor)

♦ 2 cups pecan nuts
♦ 4-5 pitted dates
♦ Pinch of pink salt

Mix the dates until finally chopped and then add in the pecan nuts and pulse until combined but crumbly.
Line a baking tray (about 15cm x 35cm) with baking paper and press the base in and put in the freezer to set.
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.Alexandra

♦ 2 cups soaked (best overnight) cashews
♦ Juice from 3 limes
♦  Zest from 1 lime
♦ Teaspoon vanilla (we used 2 vanilla sticks)
♦ 1/2 cup melted coconut oil
♦ 1/3 cup agave or other natural sweetener
♦ Water
♦  1 cup blueberries

Mix everything but the blueberries together. Add water as you go until you reach a creamy-like consistency.
Pour on top of your base, spread evenly, top with the blueberries and place in the freezer again.
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.Alexandra
♦ 1/2 cup pecans
♦ 1 cup juicy medjool dates
♦ Pinch of pink salt
♦ 1 cup oats

Mix the dates into a paste before adding the pecans and salt.
By hand mix together the date and pecan paste with the oats.
It should be a crumbly type of texture so you might need to add more oats before placing it back in the freezer.
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.Alexandra
Take it out of the freezer 30 mins before serving and then cut into slices.
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.AlexandraRaw lime 'cheesecake' // L.Alexandra
And then tuck in!
Raw lime 'cheesecake' // L.Alexandra

Inspired by love live raw’s recipe.


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