Birthday at Bar Basso

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and still now I sit here wondering about how time could pass so quickly.
I feel like I only just celebrated my 19th birthday and now I’m 23.
But it’s all uphill from here right?

Anyways enough worrying about time flying and more on enjoying the moment.
My grandparents came to Zürich to have lunch with me that day.
Bar Basso // L.AlexandraBar Basso // L.AlexandraI had the privilege of choosing the location for lunch…
Which with the many amazing choices in Zürich can be quite a task.
But I was spot on with my choice and can only  recommend it.
Bar Basso.

They change their menu daily, source everything locally, cook seasonally and make their pizza in a wood oven.
I love knowing that what I’m eating hasn’t flown half way across the world and lost all it’s flavour on the way.
Bar Basso // L.AlexandraTo start we had prosecco and campari soda.

I didn’t actually take any photos of the interior (oops) but as you can see it’s sleek and simple allowing to focus on your company and food.
Bar Basso // L.AlexandraMy Nonno and I had the salad with fennel and feta cheese as a starter.
Nothing beats thinly sliced fennel and crumbly feta cheese; this could easily be my daily lunch…
Bar Basso // L.AlexandraI hope I’ve inherited enough of my Nonna’s genes so that I look this stunning too when I’m older.
Bar Basso // L.AlexandraMy Nonno went for the pasta with tomatoes, mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella and rocket.
Pasta is such a staple food but it’s amazing how many different combinations there are to make it varied and different.Bar Basso // L.AlexandraThis my friends, was F A N T A S T I C.
My mouth is watering just looking at it.
It was the softest, freshest fish I’ve ever had with fregola sarda, peas, celery, zucchini and a saffron foam.

I know the chef who works there and she creates absolutely delicious meals with so much love and passion.

Although I was sooo full we decided to have dessert ’cause that’s kinda what you gotta do on your birthday no?
Bar Basso // L.AlexandraBar Basso // L.AlexandraEven if it is just ice cream…
Bar Basso // L.AlexandraBar Basso // L.AlexandraAnd a beautiful personalised platter of mini bites.
Bar Basso // L.AlexandraThank you Nonna and Nonno for a wonderful lunch and spending my birthday with me.
And thank you Tanja for the excellent food, I shall be back!


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