Post yoga Frau Gerolds Garten dinner

My sister and I have started going to yoga together.
Not only is this great because I love yoga but it’s so nice to do something together.
Thank you, Alina!
After our yoga class we struggled to think of a place to go eat. We walked all around the Viadukt but couldn’t find anything that would satisfy our hunger/cravings (what those were? No idea, we just knew what we didn’t want).
Prime Tower, Zürich // L.Alexandra

We ended up in front of Frau Gerolds Garten and figured we should make the most of being able to be outside (with a scarf and blanket).Frau Gerolds Garten // L.Alexandra
I’ve always enjoyed going there but due to our lack of summer this year I haven’t been. And as I wasn’t prepared for our spontaneous little dinner outing I didn’t have my camera with me so excuse the grainy iPhone photos.
Frau Gerolds Garten // L.Alexandra
What I’m actually trying to say is: go there while you can! And even if you’ve been, go again. It’s just such a fun and casual place to hang out. The food is good too so you could always combine it with dinner. Or you could stick to a liquid diet… Whatever you fancy really.
Frau Gerolds Garten // L.Alexandra Frau Gerolds Garten // L.AlexandraWe had the mushroom soup and grilled cheese with salad.
The menu changes regularly so you just have to go by and see what they have.
If I remember correctly there’s always a pasta dish, a salad and a grill dish.Frau Gerolds Garten // L.Alexandra Frau Gerolds Garten // L.Alexandra

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