Dinner date with Dean&David

The boys are now in town so we had to visit…
Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
I’m quite a fan of the fast casual dining trend, just like I enjoy making quick, healthy and tasty meals for myself.
As a student and now an intern I can’t afford to eat out in fancy restaurants but still love the experience of having lunch or dinner out. And that’s where fast casual dining comes in. Mostly it’s a lot more affordable plus a lot of emphasis is but on fresh and healthy meals. Win-win situation if you ask me.
Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
Dean&David originated in Munich and is based on the idea that eating healthy should be easy and affordable.

The is store is just the way I like it.
Sleek, bright and modern.
Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
I’m also a fan of glass in restaurants, especially in the kitchen. I like seeing my food being made, like here at the juice bar.
Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
I had been craving fresh orange juice (for whatever reason) for the last couple days so I was one happy camper when I got a big glass of freshly squeezed OJ.Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
Dean&David’s menu encompasses not only salads but the most mouth-watering sandwiches, wraps and warm dishes, such as curry. They have an entire list of salads but you can always watch them make your own creation.

They’re redefining fast food – to be uncomplicated, modern and and urban. And their ‘fresh to eat’ motto means that it’s all fresh, homemade and without the nasties and ingredients you can’t pronounce because it goes something like this Xezedylzalm.

Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
What I also really liked was their tupperware and travel mugs which are clearly for the regular customers who want to cut down on their waste.
Also there’s an app that you can download which allows you to pre-order and pay your meal and then just pick it up at the restaurant.
Hello never having to wait in line again for your food!
Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
I had their Thai summer special with chicken, peanuts, glass noodles, mango and the most decadent sesame dressing.
Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
The girls went for the chicken oriental salad with mango, almonds and grapes and a sherry-elderflower dressing.
Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
I think living in Seefeld would be quite dangerous for me, not health-wise but financially. I would be here all the time!
I would definitely say it’s a great lunch spot, especially if you work/live nearby, and good if you’re looking for a very casual but still nice and healthy dinner destination.
Dean&David, Zürich // L.Alexandra
Which are your favourite fast casual dining locations?


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