Bulgur wheat salad

There are some dishes you just can’t get enough of…

Bulgur wheat salad // L.Alexandra

This would be one of them.
Well not this one exactly but this style of salad.

The idea behind it is you take a grain, such as bulgur wheat, couscous, quinoa etc., add in any vegetables you have in the fridge, chop up herbs and sprinkle with all the nuts and seeds you possibly have. For the dressing all you need is olive oil and lemon juice.
Okay, so I’ve pretty much told you everything there is to know about this salad BUT I’ll still take you through this specific one.
Bulgur wheat salad // L.Alexandra
I added zucchini, carrots, spinach, yellow pepper, spring onions and bean sprouts.
Pretty much every vegetable I had in my fridge…
Bulgur wheat salad // L.Alexandra
Herb wise I used coriander, Thai basil (quite a strong taste) and curly parsley.
Bulgur wheat salad // L.Alexandra
Then to my nuts and seeds: sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, almonds slivers, flax seeds and chia seeds.
Bulgur wheat salad // L.Alexandra
Bulgur wheat is a cereal food made from the groats of various wheat species, mainly durum wheat.
It is high in fibre, low-fat and low-calorie but not gluten free.
It’s easily cooked and has a mild taste so it’s perfect to pair with a dish like this one.
Bulgur wheat salad // L.Alexandra
I topped it all of with some avocado and as a dressing I drizzled on some olive oil and fresh lemon juice.
I cook my grains with vegetable stock (this is my favourite) which means I often don’t need to add extra salt to the dish.
Kulau coconut water // L.Alexandra
It’s so exciting to see ZΓΌrich catch up on all these health food trends that are going around.
With my lunch I tried an organic coconut water with elderflower and can only recommend it. It’s blooming’ good! (Sorry, just had to).
Bulgur wheat salad // L.Alexandra
And seeing as it was the weekend, I got into bed with my magazines and Orange is the New Black and tucked in.
Pure bliss no?

What’s your favourite salad combination?
Oh, and any TV shows you can recommend?


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