Swiss foodie brunch

The internet has some pretty cool aspects to itself, especially when it allows you to connect to a bunch of people you’ve never met in real life but all share the same passion.
Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra We’re a bunch of Swiss foodies with a passion for healthy, good food who met mainly over Instagram.
So rather than just communicating in the virtual world we decided to meet.
And what better way than for brunch on a Sunday?
Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra
We met at Café Bebek (I blogged about them here previously) and spent four hours eating, chatting, drinking tea, coffee and juice.
Made easier by Bebek’s à discretion option, aka eat as much as you want.
They bring out étagères loaded with little bowls of anything your heart could desire.
Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra
We’re talking hummus, feta cheese, birchermüesli, yoghurt, fruit salad, dried fruits, avocado mousse, olives, jam…Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra
Along with a cheese, meat and fish platter.
And endless amounts of bread and croissants.
Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra
You can reorder anything you like which means you’re only getting the stuff you really like again but get to try everything.Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra
A refreshing orange, apple and pomegranate juice seeing as the sun was out and if felt like spring.

And Bebek’s famous mint tea.
Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra
I can only recommend Bebek’s brunch but remember the à discretion option is for 6 or more people and you’ll want to reserve in advance.

Such a fun, inspiring and exciting Sunday.
Thank you all for coming, it was lovely meeting you!

Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra
Swiss foodie brunch // L.Alexandra
If you’re a Swiss foodie and fancy joining us at our next meet-up, let me know.
The more the merrier!

‘Till next time!

P.S. If you want to check out these lovely ladies on Instagram: @mylifeisdelicious @annashealthyveganfood @healthyyfood @conniemaisie @fashionhelly @healthyfoodproduction @stephanieeats @fannythefoodie @xocel @carmen_mira @cleanfoxx


5 thoughts on “Swiss foodie brunch

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    • Liebe Lisa, lieber Prosper
      Vielen Dank für eure Nachricht.
      Wäre super cool wenn ihr am nächsten Swiss Foodie Meet-Up dabei seit!
      Gerne adde ich dich zu unserer Gruppe. Was ist dein FB Name?
      Liebe Grüsse und bis bald!

    • Hi Prosper!
      Would love to have you add the next meet up! I added you on FB so that I can add you to the group :) Looking forward to meeting you and your spouse!
      Our next meet up is this Saturday btw!

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