Elle’n’Belle – It’s vegan baby!

I love trying out new things, especially when it has to do with food.
So when two of the Swiss foodies (you might remember them from HERE), suggested we try out Elle’n’Belle I didn’t have to think twice.
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
For those of you who haven’t heard of Elle’n’Belle, it’s a vegan restaurant.
And before you imagine bland, boring food read on.
Or better yet, go and try it yourself.
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
In the last year or so I’ve been leaning towards a very vegetarian diet just because I don’t really like meat. And I don’t feel like my body needs it. I think that is often the most important thing, listening to your body.
No, that doesn’t make it okay to eat two whole bars of chocolate a day, I think you know what I mean!
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
While studying the menu, that changes regularly, we had their homemade ice tea and Fritz Cola sweetend with stevia. Both of which we can recommend
On Saturday the focus is on my brunch but if like us you’re wanting to have lunch, they have their Daddy Cools. Kebab with seitan and vegan yoghurt.
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
The restaurant is big but still very homey and inviting to spend more than a few hours in with all of it’s funky interior and decorations.
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
As you can see, also a very family friendly place.
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
These blew my mind. I had no idea what to expect but let me tell you, they looked and tasted like kebabs. Actually, they tasted better and don’t underestimate it, it’s super filling!
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
I definitely need to go back and try the rest of their menu.
And you should too even if you’re not a vegan food believer. Remember what they say: always try something new.
Elle'n'Belle, Zürich // L.Alexandra
I think if all of my bills in life arrived in cute boxes like this I’d be much happier paying them…


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