Udon noodles with broccoli and spinach

The reason I haven’t blogged recently is because I’ve been trying to fix all the posts on here that have no pictures…
But it’s a long process.
Plus I’ve been enjoying the festive season with family and friends and just relaxing.
I hope you all had a wonderful festive season too.

But back to business – this recipe is adapted from the LEON Fast Food Vegetarian cookbook.
Udon noodles with broccoli and spinach // L.Alexandra
I really like the cookbook because it has so many great and interesting recipes.
And as the name suggests, it’s all about making it quick.
This recipe is super simple but has so much flavour. And the vegetables can easily be substituted with whatever you have at home or what is seasonal.

You’ll need:
♦ 500g noodles (I used udon, the book uses soba)
♦ 500g broccoli
♦ Fresh spinach

For the dressing
♦ 120g smooth peanutbutter
♦ 1 tbsp soya sauce
♦ 2 tbsp warm water
♦ 2 tbsp fresh ginger, grated
♦ 1 garlic clove, pressed
♦ 2 tbsp sesame oil
♦ 2 tbsp rice vinegar
♦ 2 tsp honey
♦ Salt and pepper

Udon noodles with broccoli and spinach // L.Alexandra
Bring a pot of salted water to the boil, add the noodles and just before they are done add the broccoli and cook for another 2-4 min. Strain, mix in the dressing and serve.

Due to the dressing there is a nice, almost creamy texture to the noodles.
And although it’s a simple recipe the addition of the dressing gives this dish a creamy texture that is extremely tasty.
Udon noodles with broccoli and spinach // L.Alexandra


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