• • • Rooftop Restaurant courtesy of Katzentisch

I’m all about being spontaneous but ever tried getting a table at a good restaurant in Zürich?
Quite often, quite hard.
And before that there’s always the endless debate about where to go.

The newly launched Katzentisch can solve both of these problems in one go!
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
The concept of Katzentisch is that every day around 3 o’clock you get an e-mail with a couple of restaurant options for that night. Each of these options comes with a benefit, for example two glasses of champagne, dessert, wine etc. on the house.
So not only can you spontaneously book a restaurant on the same day without the hassle of calling around but you always get something extra.
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
As you might know summer in Switzerland is a bit of an iffy thing… So when it’s nice we try and make the most of it.
Which is exactly what my Mum and I did on Thursday night.
And we spontaneously reserved at the • • • Rooftop Restaurant via Katzentisch.
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
We walked in and figured that since we booked super last minute we’d probably be getting a table inside somewhere in the corner, near the kitchen or something…
Luckily we thought wrong because I am pretty sure we had one of the best tables in the house with spectacular views over the city.
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
Our goodie was a glass of champagne each on the house which we enjoyed while discussing how much we love this city in the summer. And questioned why it can’t always be like this…
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
The special thing about the • • • Rooftop Restaurant is that they have no menu. They walk around with a variety of small dishes that you can choose from. Which is way better than only being able to have one thing and then having to hope all your dinner partners are happy to let you try from theirs…
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
Zürich often gets this reputation for people wanting to be so cool that they come across as arrogant, especially the staff in restaurants. But we were pleasantly surprised at how genuinely friendly all the staff were. Making the whole experience a lot better.
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
We both started with a spicy cucumber salad with wakame and aubergine, which was definitely my favourite dish!
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
My Mum then had a vitello tonnato with homemade chips while I went for fish with a miso marinade.

• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
The only thing you order and isn’t brought around on trays, are their dumplings (in our case with prawn filling).
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
They look a little less spectacular than the rest of the dishes but were just as good, especially when dipped in the slightly spicy red sauce.
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
To end our savoury part of the dinner we had king prawns with vegetables and a wasabi sauce.

You always seem to underestimate how filling many small dishes can be… So we took a little food break before moving on to dessert.
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
What is great about summer in Switzerland is that it stays light for ages and as we sat there talking away enjoying the view, we completely lost track of time and only realised how late it was when I had to change the settings on my camera to take pictures!
But we couldn’t leave without having some dessert…
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
We had the cheesecake and the chocolate cake which were both so good.
So good actually that after I had the chocolate cake I got a cheesecake too.
(This is coming from someone who prefers savoury over sweet so that should tell you something).
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra • • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
Although I would recommend to go when it’s nice weather and you can sit outside, the indoor part of the restaurant is gorgeous too.
• • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra • • • Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
Oh, and there cocktails look amazing.
My Mum and I have already planned to take the rest of the family there for a Sunday apéro this week.

Thank you Katzentisch for introducing me to this great place and making the whole booking and paying process so easy!


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