Favourite summer spots in Zürich

This is slightly ironic because as I write this the weather has cooled down and it’s been raining.
But maybe it’ll coax the sun back out…
It’s worth a try!

1. Frau Gerolds Garten
Frau Gerolds Garten // L.Alexandra Frau Gerolds Garten // L.AlexandraSuch a cool vibe sitting in between the containers, train track and plants.
They grow some of their own food in the gardens and it’s guaranteed to always be packed.

2. Freshii
Freshii // L.Alexandra Freshii // L.Alexandra
This is great if you want to grab something and eat outside in a park or by the lake.
Healthy salads, wraps, bowls, juices and smoothies.

3. Hiltl
Hiltl // L.Alexandra
Hiltl is the worlds oldest vegetarian restaurant and they now serve cold brew coffee (with dairy-free milk alternatives) on their outdoor terrace near Bahnhofstr.
Perfect for a shopping break.

4. Loft Five
Loft Five // L.Alexandra
Situated next to Europaalle it has a large outdoor terrace and great food.
Pictured here is their Caesar salad.
(I have written a longer blog post on Loft Five here).

5. Oberer Letten
Oberer Letten // L.Alexandra
Oberer Letten // L.Alexandra
Filled with sun and water lovers during the day, it turns into a popular spot for a drink or bite to eat by night.

6. Prime Tower
Prime tower // L.Alexandra Prime tower // L.Alexandra
Not the ultimate summer destination BUT it does boast spectacular views of the city.
Great for a coffee in the morning when it isn’t too full and you can snag a window seat.

7. Quai 61
Quai 61 // L.Alexandra Quai 61 // L.Alexandra
This place oozes holiday vibes.
Whether for a lazy weekend lunch or apèro on their deck this place has it worked out.
Also they have the cutest colour scheme – who wouldn’t want a baby blue or turquoise table in the garden?
(I have also written a longer post about Quai 61 here).

8. • • • Rooftop Restaurant
Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra Rooftop Restaurant // L.Alexandra
I’ve tried it before for dinner (here) and decided to go back for coffee.
And it’s just as impressing!
(Don’t forget I still have a couple of Katzentisch vouchers if you’re interested in trying it out).

9. Seerose
Seerose // L.Alexandra
I’ve only been here for a coffee in the afternoon but instantly felt like I was on holiday.
Check out the colour of that water!

10. Seebad Enge
Seebad Enge // L.Alexandra

Seebad Enge // L.Alexandra
Lying on the (woman’s only or mixed gender) decks staring out at the lake is the perfect way to get that holiday feeling without leaving the city. But make sure you get there early if you want a spot!
They also rent Stand Up Paddleboards (35.-/hour including the entry price to the Badi).
And to top it off they serve great food.

Any tips on further places to try in the city?

I’m really hoping this summer will stay around a little longer as I’m not quite ready for fall…


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