Restaurant Reithalle

I’m super lucky as I’ve grown up in a family that loves and appreciates good food.
We’ve always had home cooked meals and it was always important for us to eat together.
Now that we’re older and both my brother and I don’t live at home anymore, when we all see each other it’s usually over food. And I love and appreciate that.
Especially that they enjoy testing out new places with me and patiently wait while I take my food photos.
Thank you family! <3
Restaurant Reithalle // L.Alexandra
A few weeks ago I met my parents for dinner and we decided to head to Restaurant Reithalle to which I have never been.
They have a beautiful and very large courtyard out the back which is perfect for when it’s nice weather.
Drinks are gotten at the bar and food is served at the table.
Restaurant Reithalle // L.Alexandra Restaurant Reithalle // L.Alexandra
For those of you who are vegan: they serve vegan dishes!
Restaurant Reithalle // L.Alexandra Restaurant Reithalle // L.Alexandra
I went for two starters: braised aubergine “Turkish style” served cold with yoghurt and pomegranate seeds and chevre chaud (warm goats cheese) in a hazelnut crust with rocket, apricots, sunflower seeds and a balsamic dressing.
The aubergine was missing some spice but the goats cheese was excellent.
Restaurant Reithalle // L.Alexandra
My Mum went for the mediterranean-oriental salad with halloumi because who can resist halloumi?
Restaurant Reithalle // L.Alexandra
And my Dad went for the oriental style saffron-honey-glazed chicken with mediterranean couscous and hazelnuts.

After dinner we decided to try out their desserts too.
Creme catalana and mousse au chocolate.
Restaurant Reithalle // L.Alexandra Restaurant Reithalle // L.Alexandra
They were good but didn’t blow us away.
The mousse au chocolate was super rich so unless you’re still hungry or a huge chocolate lover, I suggest sharing the dish.

If you’re looking for somewhere relaxed, uncomplicated and delicious to go, I can definitely suggest Restaurant Reithalle.
Plus it’s only a few minutes away from the train station so perfect for those of you who travel into Zürich by train.


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