Warm quinoa porridge

As fall is slowly upon us and the mornings are darker and colder, warm breakfasts are perfect. Regular porridge is nourishing, warm and packed with fibre, perfect to kick start your day. However, I do feel like it’s a very wintery dish and sometimes it’s a bit too much.
And this is where quinoa porridge comes in.
Warm quinoa porridge // L.Alexandra
The UN named 2013 “International Quinoa Year” in recognition of the superfood.
It’s packed with protein (all nine amino acids), fibre, iron, lysine and magnesium, to name just a few of the reasons it is considered a superfood.
And if all that doesn’t convince you to incorporate quinoa into your diet on a regular basis, I don’t know what will…
Warm quinoa porridge // L.Alexandra
A little fun fact about quinoa that I just learned: it’s in the same family as beets, chard and spinach.
Also it’s gluten-free and a good source of protein for vegans.
Warm quinoa porridge // L.Alexandra
♦ 1/4 – 1/2 cup quinoa
♦ 1/2 – 1 cup plant-based milk (quinoa to liquid ratio 1:2)
♦ Frozen mixed berries
♦ Hazelnut-chocolate cream
♦ Coconut flakes

*This is just one combination I made, the variations are obviously endless.*

Rinse quinoa in cold water.
Heat the plant based milk in a pot and when it boils stir in the quinoa, cover and let it simmer for about 10 min.
Just before it is done, add in the frozen mixed berries and stir.
Drizzle with hazelnut-chocolate cream and top off with some coconut flakes.
Warm quinoa porridge // L.Alexandra Warm quinoa porridge // L.Alexandra
And enjoy with a hot cup of tea!

Another tip for all those plant-based milk lovers: try the Oatly chocolate milk.
So good!
Warm quinoa porridge // L.Alexandra


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