YEN’s Sushi

Sushi is something I can never have enough of. Neither can my sister.
So when asked me if I’d like to try out a restaurant for I didn’t hesitate and knew exactly what cuisine I was going to choose.
And who I was going to take with me.
YEN's Sushi // L.Alexandra
Sushi at YEN’s with my sister it was.

A little disclaimer: the pictures don’t really do the food justice.
The lighting wasn’t great and I was once again reminded why I should spend more time learning about my camera features…
YEN's Sushi // L.Alexandra
We started the dinner with prosecco because when is it not appropriate to drink prosecco?!
Plus Thursday is the new Friday right?
It took us forever to choose what we wanted because everything sounded so good…
YEN's Sushi // L.Alexandra
I went for the cucumber with seaweed salad as a starter.
YEN's Sushi // L.Alexandra
And Alina, my sister, had the lightly seared tuna with their house dressing.
Not only do they have the prettiest food arrangements and decorations, they also have some of the friendliest staff we’ve experienced in Zürich.
YEN's Sushi // L.Alexandra
As a main we shared a selection of different sushi.
As the table behind us go their food it was served on a boat and bridge and we knew exactly what we were having next time!
I always find you underestimate sushi… Although this doesn’t look like much for two people it was surprisingly filling. Plus it meant we had enough space for dessert #winning.
YEN's Sushi // L.Alexandra
Both their green tea and homemade ice tea are worth ordering.
We had the ice tea with our main and tea with dessert which was the perfect combination.
YEN's Sushi // L.Alexandra
Alina had the baked bananas with honey and almond splinters for dessert.
Which reminded me how my Dad often made fried bananas with overripe bananas. And that I need to make those soon!
YEN's Sushi // L.Alexandra
I had the coconut panna cotta which was delicious. Nice and creamy and not overly sweet.

Sushi is quite the luxury in Zürich I find so when you do treat yourself, it’s worth getting the good stuff. Which can definitely be found at YEN’s along with super friendly service.


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