Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg

Whoever said you need to travel to the mountains to get that holiday feeling of sitting in a chalet, by the fireplace with fondue has clearly not heard of the Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg.
Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg // L.Alexandra
The 1947 postoffice cabin from Zermatt now stands high above Zürich and brings us city kids that mountain feeling without having to leave our usual stomping ground. Pretty ideal huh?

The tables are lined up one after another, leaving the guests and staff to squeeze past each other exactly like in the mountains. Except there is no one sliding around in noisy ski boots and no layers and layers of clothes draped over the chairs. Plus the fireplace in the middle of the chalet keeps everyone warm and cosy.
Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg // L.Alexandra
As a starter we had the Walliser Tavolata: dried meat, sausages and alpine cheese directly from Zermatt served with alpine and pear bread.
Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg // L.Alexandra
Fondue is served with bread and potatoes at the long tables and everyone dips into the pot of melting cheese together. Go for the house speciality mixture which is a secret recipe with Whymperkäse, named after Edward Whymper, the first man to climb the Matterhorn in 1865.
Their fondue chinoise is served with homemade sauces, Baracca fries with special Baracca spices. And very popular so definitely worth a try!
Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg // L.Alexandra
Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg // L.Alexandra Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg // L.Alexandra
You can either order à la carte or their set menu with starter, main and dessert. But let’s be honest. If you’re already choosing that holiday feeling – go for the full menu. And the Walliser wine which pairs wonderfully with the food.Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg // L.Alexandra Baracca Zermatt Zürichberg // L.Alexandra
This is going to be a killer for anyone with milk issues BUT do try their cinnamon ice cream, it’s so worth it.

For mountain authenticity step outside without a jacket for a couple minutes just to enjoy that feeling of warmth when stepping inside and sitting by the fire. Whether with friends or family Baracca Zermatt is worth a visit if you’re wanting to escape that big city feeling but still enjoy looking at the spectacular view of Zürich from the Zürichberg.

Thank you to Harrysding for allowing me to be your substitute, it was a pleasure.
And thank you to Baracca Zermatt for making me a tiny bit excited about the winter.


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