Here I am sitting in bed with a big cup of tea and wooly socks and just last week I was in Dubai with my family lying in the sun…
It was my first time back in 5 1/2 years after having lived there for three years. And as you’d expect from a city like Dubai, so much has changed!Β But then there are still many things that are the same and I got a little nostalgic being there.
Dubai Mall is insane. Like you can spend 12 hours there and probably still not have seen everything. If you go: put on comfortable shoes!
It’s crazy to think that when we lived in JBR (back in 2007/8) there was nothing. We’d walk out of our building and straight down to the beach. Now there’s shops, cafΓ©s, restaurants, outdoor gyms, jogging track etc. there. But it’s nice to see places where you can just walk about, go for coffee and hang out outside.
The view from the 52nd floor down to the Marina.IMG_9224
I could get used to sipping on a cocktail while looking up at palm trees at The Jetty Lounge.
One of the great things about Dubai is that in a couple of hours drive you are out of the city and in the desert or wadis. And even just a day away or a night camping feels so relaxing and rejuvenating. Must be something about the calming effects of the desert…IMG_9298IMG_9274
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited (this picture doesn’t do it any justice). If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend you visit!
Another one of my favourites is the Creek and Al Karama for it’s Indian food. You must try the New Sind Punjab RestaurantΒ it has such amazing food!

Funnily enough I hardly took any food pictures on this trip. Usually by the time we got around to eating we were all so hungry we’d dig right in.
But fear not, Dubai has amazing places to eat and any cuisine you can image.


3 thoughts on “Dubai

  1. DREAMY! I want to visit Dubai so badly!! I love the picture of the footsteps in the sand – gorgeous shot!

    I’m glad you had a lovely time darling! It’s hard to be back in the cold, I know :( I’m currently sitting in my bed under blankets and my nose is cold!

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